Docker+Kubernetes container service


• How to achieve unified management and scheduling of services in multiple-data centers?
• How to increase resource utilization and save costs?
• How to speed up the online speed of the business?
• How to resolve publishing failures caused by environmental inconsistencies?
• How to solve the problem that the architecture is not enough to deal with sudden access and low resource utilization?
• Business access storage is large during the day.
• Due to the decentralized deployment of services, the link topology is complex and difficult to troubleshoot if it fails.


HarmonyCloud based on safe and reliable computing and massive storage, creates new business and experience and provides new value to customers. And to play the role of the operator's network and users, by building a data mining and advertising platform, using a new business model to achieve traffic creation value.

1. Devops opens up development, testing, and deployment links to shorten the timeline for business
2. Online cluster management to improve application fault tolerance and scalability
3. Unified management of hardware resources, efficient scheduling, and improved resource utilization to reduce costs
4. Full link accurate positioning problem, fault recovery
5. Unified management of products based on the Scrum system

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