Harmonycloud helps companies accelerate their product iterations by rapidly building Internet IT systems to help them become unicorn companies.


• Operating environment differences make application delivery difficult
• Independent monitoring of applications, monitoring and dispersion is not easy to maintain
• Repeated construction of the application base platform, high maintenance costs
• Apply virtual machine granularity deployment with low resource utilization


Launch a comprehensive cloud monitoring and automated scheduling solution by building a hybrid container cloud platform.Realize the support and monitoring of enterprise Internet services, and promote the health of enterprise system operation and maintenance, operation and management.

We will enable enterprises to respond quickly to the demands of flexible resource changes and rapid deployment in the Internet environment. And based on the characteristics of the enterprise to create CI / CD process, through the development of a reasonable continuous integration strategy, to avoid the risks and problems in the traditional manual development test process, to achieve the purpose of optimizing development efficiency and saving development costs.

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