Intelligent City

The construction of a comprehensive delivery platform such as the Intelligence Government will eliminate the input of government operation and maintenance personnel and achieve higher service standards.


  • 1. A large number of applications are deployed on the cloud platform. It is difficult to locate the cause of the error quickly after the application error, and it takes a lot of time to solve the problem.
  • 2. The cloud platform generates a large amount of logs every day, and the logs related to the application are difficult to find.
  • 3. The log is scattered in many places and cannot be centrally managed and analyzed.


• To fundamentally support the safe operation of a large system, it is necessary to consider based on the network architecture to build a cloud computing data center in a smart city.
• While meeting the above requirements, the advantage of the Harmony Cloud is that when the business grows, the system can rapidly expand capacity and avoid service degradation. At the same time, it has a very high cost performance, can reduce operating costs of 70% to 80%, and achieve higher service standards while eliminating operation and maintenance investment.
• By constructing such a set of government affairs platforms, it is possible to collect log data in a full amount, classify and manage the log data, and visually display the running status of each application system, the number of error logs, and the trend of changes, thereby improving operation and maintenance efficiency.

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