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In the new-era, enterprise informatization construction needs to establish a stable, flexible and agile IT infrastructure. Harmonycloud provides customized, cloud-integrated solutions that meet enterprise specific needs. Change the production, operation and maintenance, and operational efficiency of the enterprise.


Harmonycloud Based on Kubernetes container technology, it innovatively combines cloud computing and big data to create an enterprise-level containerized management platform. It can help enterprises easily solve IT challenges in the transformation of business Internet.The company has successively launched independent research and development products such as the container platform “Guanyuntai” and the intelligent operation and maintenance analysis tool “Listening”. Since its launched, it has served more than 20 partners in telecommunications, banking, e-commerce, Intelligence manufacturing, Intelligence city and other industries. Harmonycloud Technology will build a next-generation PaaS for enterprise Internet strategy based on products such as “Guanyuntai” and the “cloud platform + service + consulting” lean cooperation concept.

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