Provide stable underlying infrastructure support for business data in the financial industry, ensure data security, and ensure application security, stability, and efficient operation.


According to market research, most financial companies have followed the market trend and started to introduce cloud technology and cloud services. Coupled with the rapid development of smart terminals, the user's behavior migrates and penetrates into the mobile terminal. The Internet services of the traditional financial industry have been unable to meet the needs of customers.

First of all, the manual integration method adopted by most financial industries is inefficient. Secondly, mobile financial products have higher requirements on the internal logic of the code and the quality of the security, and the risk of the product going online is high. Finally, the R&D cycle is long and does not have the ability to respond quickly to the market.

Cloud-based solutions are becoming a key requirement for any financial institution that wants to build and maintain a competitive advantage.


Based on the continuous integration platform for building mobile financial products such as Guanyuntai, to realized the automated construction, deployment, and testing of mobile application clients and servers.

• Establish a continuous integration process that adapts to the agile development model.
• Support continuous delivery at the minute level to improve code security.
• Support the rapid iteration of the code, shorten the application's online cycle.
• Support one-click deployment verification environment.
• Support automated testing to reduce labor costs.
• Meet the research needs of various situations by establishing a continuous integration platform.

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