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• Business monitoring is scattered, operating environment is high, management costs are high, and operation and maintenance are difficult.
• The current state of application development is primitive, cumbersome and inefficient.
• Long application delivery cycles and low quality, unable to respond quickly to changes in market or customer demand.
• The application's infrastructure is complex, large, long-compiled, difficult to update, and costly to maintain.
• Online problems cannot be processed in a timely manner, and operation and maintenance efficiency is low.
• Low resource utilization and high cost.


According to the integrated computing resources, storage resources, network resources, and on the basis of this, quickly build the underlying environment for its applications, providing reliable, secure and easy-to-use mass storage services.

Through the IaaS layer of the docking enterprise, the company's network, security and other customized requirements for the platform are modified, and its construction plan is revised, and auxiliary management tools are developed. It not only manages the hardware of the server, network, storage, but also manages and controls the IaaS, and then completes the PaaS setup through the tool execution plan.At the same time, build a web visual interface for the user and complete the use through the interface.

Efficient use of existing resources through cloud platforms to deliver flexible, highly scalable and low-cost delivery services. Code hosting helps users manage merger requests, organize team collaboration, team permissions, and more. While ensuring stable operation of the application, it provides second-level elastic scaling to easily cope with high concurrent services.

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