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Docker + Kubernetes
Efficient, Agile, Professional

Full Stack PaaS

●  Containerized packaging to achieve one-click deployment of applications, improve development efficiency.

●  Unified management of resources, low consumption and cost.

●  Flexible, Customizable DevOps module, Interoperate application development, testing and operation and maintenance processes thoroughly.

Hybrid Cloud Management

●  Provide multi-cluster hybrid cloud management mode and apply flexible and fast cross-cloud or cluster deployment.

●  Seamlessly connect physical and virtual machines, as well as Alibaba Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Tencent Cloud and so on.

●  Multi-user resource management mode. And provide security isolation based on network, computing, and storage.

Microservices Framework

● Built-in efficient service registration, discovery and governance capabilities, help enterprise to build a microservices frameworks.

● Intelligent monitoring log module, comprehensive data acquisition, analysis, alarm functions, and protect the micro-service of application.

Securely Application Platform

● Ensure the image security and reduce the risk of use by mirroring security scans.

● Scan the host and container vulnerabilities through CIS to ensure the security of the operating environment.

● Enables the network control based on tenant and application.

GAEA App Store

We are the first mirror warehouse in China to support container image level security scanning. We focus on customer information security and achieved the permission control based on role to provide reliable, efficient and easy-to-use enterprise container warehouse management functions.

Image Management

Support Docker official and custom image library

Access Control

Role-based access control, resource quota control for multi-tenancy

Vulnerability Scanning

Scanning intra-image software vulnerabilities by the international standard CVE database

Prevent Tampering

Prevents malicious tampering with images based on fingerprint data of the creator's identity

GAEA Operation and Maintenance

Seamlessly integrate containers and computing, storage and network resources, redefine enterprise development, operation and maintenance and runtime environment standards, and create an efficient IT data center in the container cloud era.


Provides unified management of code repositories, compilation dependencies, Docker File, and mirrored repositories, native Jenkins pipeline support. The CI/CD seamless connection for development, testing and production is achieved through mirrored synchronization. Realize DevOps in the true sense.

Fast Delivery

Rich middleware mirroring warehouse, supporting multiple application publishing modes. An application can support different configuration files in different environments, and template management of multiple services. Implement one-click publishing, version management, and sharing of multiple services.

Multi-tenant Management

Supports resources and network isolation among tenants, supports fine-grained role permission control, resource quota management and operation audit, and records the operation process of all tenant users.


Comprehensively collect application log information, and collect and display multi-dimensional monitoring data for clusters, hosts, tenants, and applications. Docking big data platform, performing big data analysis, intelligent early warning and processing, and automatic operation and maintenance.


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