Unified Monitoring and Unified Management

Visual large screen and dashboard display, through the correlation analysis of software and hardware, and insight into the call relationship between systems, it can be clearly determined that the problem is affected by code or nignx

Better Online Debug Tool

Supported by complex system architecture to analyze user sessions and proactively perceive; The program data responsive to full path coverage polymerize to form a logical topology diagram



  • The best APM in troubleshooting applications

    Microservice and cloud native monitoring, Large-scale applications performance management experiences, Large-scale instance practical experience

  • Automatically associates monitoring data from top to bottom

    Combine app & network & hardware metrix together to build the constant view within the single request topology

  • Code-level troubleshooting

    Aocate and track slow method and SQL statements Record exception stack information API(including external) calling performance statistics Real-time online thread profiling in production environments

  • Automatically associates monitoring data from frontend to backend

    For browser:slow paging and ajax request tracing For mobile:slow action and network http request tracing Code-level positioning error page or script URL or crash or anr Automatically restore a forward-to-back call of a request

  • Cloud Native achitecture:

    Automatically and continuously maps the dependencies of entire environment Automatically restore the relationship between business calls

ARGUS Highlight

  • Real User Browsing Experience

    Real-time monitoring of key elements on page, CSS, loading speed, etc., to restore the most realistic user browsing experience

  • Performance Bottleneck Positioning

    Perform a full-scale performance analysis of the service cluster, find full-stack performance bottlenecks, and predict the nodes that are most likely to become bottlenecks. Real-time presentation of load changes for different monitoring periods, measurement of performance peak load conditions, and recommendations for optimization

  • Business Capacity Planning

    Predict the maximum amount of access that the current system physical resources can support, and the physical resources required when the system load is expected to increase or decrease

  • JVM Monitor

    Statistical monitoring of the JVM, including viewing memory and GC conditions in each zone, monitoring and analyzing memory leaks, process CPU surge, treading deadlock state, Predicting the high memory usage of jvm in advance

  • Application Monitoring for the whole Lifecycle

    Apply lifecycle application performance management functions, throughout the development, testing, operation and maintenance of the applicatio, Comprehensively monitor and manage code quality, application performance, and hardware resources

  • Fine-grained Alert

    Customize alarm thresholds based on application, hardware, and network information. Support transmission methods of mail, DingTalk, information, and don’t miss important information


  • Application Analysis

  • Cluster Monitoring

  • Overview

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