Integrated intelligent operation and maintenance Full coverage of the monitoring system

  • Dynamic Baseline

    Use AI and ML algorithms to analyze historical data, predict metric value on future time point and use this value for anomaly detection

  • Anomaly Detection

    No need to define threshold manually, detect anomalous events according metic data's historical behavior automatically and raise alerts

  • False Alarm Elimination

    Use cluster analysis algorithm to elimination event noise, prevent alarm storm, reduce interference from false alarms

  • Root Cause Analysis

    Provide insights into events by event correlation analysis, using AI algorithm and analysis on application topology graph. find root-cause of incident and hint on how to fix it

  • Incident Prediction

    Use trending algorithms to analyze historical data, predict outliers, suggest potential incident and eliminate in advance

  • Fault Self-healing

    Perform rule-based actions on scene of indicent automatically when indicent occurs. Decrease MTTR and enhance business continuity


  • Event Workbench

  • Root Cause

  • Specific Event