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Hangzhou Harmonycloud Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech cloud computing company. Founded in July 2016, the founder and core team is from Zhejiang University SEL Lab. Research started in 2011 and they are the earliest team engaged in open source cloud computing research in China. They contributed more than 14 million lines of core code in CloudFoundry, Kubernetes and other top open source community projects, being ranked first in China, and fourth in the world.The team published the first professional book with in-depth analysis of container technology in China, "Docker: Container and Container Cloud", evangelizing domestic container technology. They are also the first cloud provider in China to promote the deployment of SaaS in large-scale enterprise applications.

Harmonycloud is one of the few container cloud providers in China that has mastered the underlying core technologies required. It has launched the enterprise-level container cloud platform “Guanyuntai” for millions of users, and the intelligent operation and maintenance analysis tool “Listening” for both internal and external repairs. Independent research and development of products, forming a one-stop industry cloud platform solution, has been widely used in finance, operation, manufacturing, the internet, smart cities and many other fields, and is highly recognized by enterprises and investors. Harmony Technology will build a next-generation IT support platform for enterprise Internet strategy based on products such as “SKYVIEW” and the “cloud platform + service + consulting” lean cooperation concept.

Improve the IT industrialization of enterprises degree

Hangzhou HarmonyCloud Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to helping traditional enterprises improve their IT support capabilities, help customers manage resources and applications in a unified manner, speeding up application delivery and improving operation and maintenance efficiency. Building a new generation of cloud computing technology-based IT architecture system to create a comprehensive solution for enterprise container. Harmonycloud focuses on building a container cloud platform based on kubernetes. While implementing application lifecycle management, it manages various types of data such as monitoring and logging, automatically allocates resources, and automatically analyzes the running status of the business. In order to improve the degree of industrialization of enterprises, subvert the entire traditional industry.

Enterprise History

Fame is on the rise

  • In 2011, with the support of Zhejiang University's School of Computer Science and the ultra-large-scale information technology laboratory, our founder Ding Yiqun and Chang Cheng jointly established the Software Engineering Laboratory (SEL), focusing on the research and application of open source cloud computing technology.
  • In 2013, the only two of the core code contribution organizations in Cloud Foundry in China.
  • In 2015, contributed more than 14 million lines of core code in Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes and other top open source community projects, being ranked first in China, and fourth in the world.

Promote the open source technology such as container cloud to industrialization.

  • In July 2016, Sunyard, CCI and Fengqi invested, and Pre-A round financing of 15 million yuan completed.
  • The core team of HarmonyCloud is from the SEL Laboratory of Zhejiang University. Thanks to the continuous supply of talents at Zhejiang University, there are more than 80 people so far, including more than 70% of doctoral degree programs.
  • In the future, we are developing rapidly...

Team Background


    • Liang Cai

      Ph.D., Professor of the School of Zhejiang University Computer Science,vice-president of Zhejiang University software college, Director of the Department of Software Engineering, and a major science and technology expert in Zhejiang Province. The main research areas are distributed systems and information security.

    • Aoyu Wang

      In 2005, he joined the US State Street Bank (Zhejiang) Technology Center as a senior technical consultant, responsible for the migration and research and development of the fund performance system, and successfully integrated multiple fund performance systems into the main system of State Street. In 2010, he joined Netnew International in charge of Cisco's outsourcing business, and the team grew from less than 10 to nearly 200.

    • Yiqun Ding

      In 2004, he joined the US State Street Bank (Zhejiang) Technology Center as a senior technical consultant, responsible for the design and development of distributed large-scale financial systems. In 2011, he began to lead the research and development of the open source cloud computing platform of Zhejiang University. He was the head of the SEL laboratory of Zhejiang University. In 2013, he was awarded the title of the first batch of young scientists in Zhejiang Province. He became one of the leaders of the domestic PaaS cloud computing technology. He was invited to speak at Cloud Foundry, Docker. One of the main authors of 《Docker: Containers and Container Clouds》.

    • Cheng Chang

      In 2006, he joined the US State Street Bank (Zhejiang) Technology Center as a senior technical consultant, responsible for the optimization research and application of Java middleware and JVM in the global trading system. In 2012, it led Zhejiang University to cooperate with the Shanghai Stock Exchange to develop the ultimate low-latency message middleware products. In 2013, he was responsible for the application of the large-scale software research institute of Zhejiang Province in the smart city application in Hangzhou. It was the first commercial engineering practicer of the Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes projects in China.

    • Zhenggong Cai

      Ph.D., worked for State Street Bank. It has undertaken capacity planning, resource scheduling and cloud migration projects for multiple cloud platforms domestic and overseas. A cloud application performance prediction model and an automated migration technology solution for cloud platforms are proposed. Apply for 2 invention patents (in actual trial) and 1 utility model patent (authorized).

    • Zhongyang Yao
      VP, COO

      He graduated from Zhejiang University and has held long-term positions in well-known companies in the communications and Internet of Things industries. He has more than 10 years of experience in communication and information system planning and design and system sales.

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