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  • GAEA - Enterprise CaaS Platform
    It uses the kubernetes framework and integrates technologies such as elastic computing, distributed deployment/storage, software-defined network (SDN), mirror-level security scanning, and graphical cloud operation and maintenance UI. Bringing a new generation of secure, reliable and performance container to China's market.
  • ARGUS - HarmonyCloud APM
    Harmonycloud APM is focused on providing next-generation application performance management software and services, supporting localized deployment models and SaaS models. A all-around the network topology view, Realize full-link business code monitoring, making enterprise operation and maintenance easier.
  • DevOps
    Provides unified management of code repositories, compilation dependencies, Docker File, and mirrored repositories, native Jenkins pipeline support.The mirrored synchronization function enables seamless CI/CD development, testing and production to achieve true DevOps.
  • AIOps
    One-stop operation and maintenance Intelligent early warning monitoring and positioning, accurate and early risk avoidance. Topology auto discovery, dynamic CMDB.Automated association analysis, multi-dimensional review of fault effects Intelligent fault self-healing, automated operation and maintenance, accurate troubleshooting.

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